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i think this is great & man what the fuck? i'm awake! i have to be. i also really like this. this morning is the combination bernie is going away slash hey gerd is in town slash gamers give gifts to each other slash brunch with lots of mimosas morning. hey...i should have a mimosa now. the champagne is going flat from last is really the only reasonable...hold on i'll be right back. okay, heads up, that is a quality of life improvement. have some of THAT, morning bell! i was sleepy & cranky enough last night, without it intruding on my morning. hey, i just clicked back in this window...did i start talking about anything else besides this mimosa? because HOLLA. HOLLA AT YOUR BOY (I GUESS). last night was carla's birthday party, so here is what that means. before 8:30? this apartment was SUPER CLEAN. i even abandoned clothes on the street! THAT IS CLEAN, BABY. after 8:30? or, lets just say, now? the apartment is a damn mess! i'm not complaining. i'm just using the effluvia of the night as a justification. JUSTIFY MY FUN. there was a little wii playing at the beginning, but then we all trundled over to the hibatchi place. YO. listen up to this: FUCKING AWESOME. i mean, we'd been there & had a fun time. we went there for valentines day last year (i am "romantic"). but the alchemy of last night was ON. maybe it was the sake bombs. i might have been! anyhow, the fucking guy pretended the japanese i'd told carla to tell him wasn't right! BUT IT WAS. WHY ARE YOU MESSING WITH US, CHEF? he was messing. then it was back here, back here for some fucking DRINKING. the crew was, in order of appearance: me, jenny, carla, robert, david, jason, cindy, kevin. it doesn't seem like a lot? but there were a lot of big personalities. haha, i talked about my personality. wow, i have such total contempt for my personality. it is like a body, but, you know, only one organ. brain. haha, man. listen, i'm not this thing you see before you! PREST-O CHANGE-O! wait, did i just have a needlessly divergent dismorphism? STAY ON TARGET! LOCK S-FOILS, &C. so we came back to drink nancy drews & hardy boys. thanks thirty rock! we squeezed twenty limes into a jug for the drinks! & we ordered twenty-five bottles of wine & champagne. we do not fuck around. hold on, i think i need more mimosa. i never get to drink in the mornings now that i have a jenny to look after me. DESTRUCTION AHOY! listen, i need to finish this up so i can take a shower & go to carrol gardens. we're going to patois! i like that joint. i do, i do! they ALSO have mimosas for me. fuckin' a right. oh, we also played apples to apples. every time i write about apples to apples in my livejournaldiary, i feel like i should shout out handstil for turning it on. she flipped it like a switch, & also has a groucho marx baby. also i want to give a shout to meg, because I SAW THE SAME GLOWING EYED DEMON CORPSE but i didn't want to tell her & freak her out. after the game, though? jenny brought out all the glow sticks. we broke them & wore them as halos. THEN it was time for me to be sleepy drunken fussy. like, the clock chimed three or four or whatever & i was like "GO HOME." or mostly i hid in the bedroom because i was trying to modulate my crank. i don't think it worked but NO HARD FEELINGS. then jenny & i had super drunken sex for like, two hours. i think we even took a nap in the middle of it. i sure like her. she slept on top of the covers! what the fuck it is THE WINTER jenny baby! get under the freaking covers! i slept under the covers. it was much warmer. then when i finally got her under the covers i cuddled the hell out of her. then i woke up! SHIT. i have recorded my schedule up to this moment. & i have to go get ready, anyhow! so i guess it works out.

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