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we come into your home when you are away.

i was sort of half-heartedly waiting for pictures, but at this point why bother. wednesday night was all dragon-feet. megan joined the group for the last tv night of the season. top model, whatever, demonstrated a significant lack of heather. beauty & the geek is already off the air. shot at love was a recap episode. pushing daisies was just fine. so that is that, right? at least till the early spring. february, maybe? doesn't battlestar galactica start then, & maybe lost, too? either way: there was wine, & david drank from the big cup & now that is a running gag. so that went down. how much can you really say about a night devoted to media when that media falls mostly flat? flat.

thursday was much more fun! david & james & i rode comics on the subway up to chinatown, where we then got out into the sleet & bustled over to the library, where we met up with jenny & maggie to play videogames! it was jenny's program, after all: operation nwiipl! the place was filled with a mass of swarming kids, though. jenny threatened to beat them up! okay. when that phase came to a close we trundled ourselves up elizabeth street to tropical!. that weird little grotto with deer peaking around the corners of trees & lots of sake. we chuckled chuckled chuckled all the way home, in various groups.

jeez, just a run-down? at least i'm recording, i guess.

last night was tracey's birthday party. i like tracey, i think we've got wavelength overlap. her party was in the slope, which made my life pretty easy! i spent most of the first part bickering for fun with caroline. she's a doll, yeah? we've got the snide, complaining, bitch-&-moan mechanic going. a good time. sam was sort of in a clutch with the gaming group, so we didn't talk too much. tracey & i had some wedding discussion at one point: as a gamer girl feeling the wedding excitement, she could appreciate why i want the flat black tungsten ring so much (talisman of sphere!). eventually the party trickled down to all boys, but for trace & her friend emily, & so, much to the latter's dismay, james & i closed our tabs & took our leave.

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