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today i'm...weirdly glowery. about old news. like: i'm the superficial friend? because yeah, i was the one who got dropped like a hand grenade when things got choppy. (note: i am a hand grenade) i stopped responding to emails attempting to talk things out. yeah, now that you think about it, it is all my fault & the best thing to do is to totally drop contact; that is the more "real friend" response. you know? just real conveniently dropped in accordance with new geographic distance. or to put it another way: things fall apart, the center cannot hold, but you arn't even trying? knocking the olve branch out of my hand. annoying. thought we were pals. &c. just, ugh. stick out my tongue.

on the plus side my copies of my nanowrimo book, wil o' wisps just arrived. they look pretty good, too!
Tags: nanowrimo

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