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snapshots of still life.

so here it is: i made a salad for dinner for us. it was pretty okay, i thought, but jenny didn't care for the dressing plus the soggy crutons. i like soggy. cold & moist. then we goofed around watching some television & drinking a bottle of wine. so then that phase was at an end. i'm not really in a reading mood? i have started reading perdito street station. the problem with that is that everyone who has read it has said it was "okay, but you'll really like it." which basically means it has too much hype to bear. i am trying to get at it, scissors scissors, without that hanging over. fuck off damocles! so i didn't dig into it when we flipped off the tube. instead i played a little game boy. which was okay, but now i'm done with it. i think i'll maybe get to it. mike was the one who brought up the garuda/naga/rakshasa/vanara combo. i have to say...i'm a little enchanted by it. so i am going to put those peepers on. whatever? i'm leaning here against jenny's knee fucking off on the computer to sort of enjoy the wine a bit longer, & sort of mostly listening to the mountain goats. it ain't half bad, but i do have a sort of twister cooked up in my guts. like that poor bastard in crime & punishment. that is what i'm up to with my evening. a weird ringing in my skull, sure, but i've been off kilter since sun's day. got hairy-spider there for a minute. now we're just ripples on that pond. or well. you're ripples. i'm the rocks under the water, i'm the shape that forms eddies.

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