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some quick reads.

the last apprentice: the curse of the bane by joseph delaney.

this is quite a fun little series. especially given that it isn't even really young adult, but a children's book. in that awkward tweens phase i guess. there sure is a lot of promising to burn fools, or bury witches, or what not. as i said about the first one, having a useful main character is always a pleasure. jenny is reading it now. i guess the best thing about it is the mood? & the sparse but effective use of illustrations.

the league of extraordinary gentlemen: the black dossier by alan moore & kevin o'neill.

hey man, lets get groovy! lets do battle with our fellow wizards; he'll try to infect my brain...& i'll let him. this is much less a "graphic novel" & much more a collection of written vignettes (& the occasional tijuana bible) with a comic book frame story. a lot of this book was obscure to me, which is always fun; i mean, i get your wooster & jeeves (thanks to david) & the shakespeare, & the kerouac, & so forth, but then there is plenty else. of course, culminating face? the fucking goliwog? you are out of your flippin' mind, dude. awesome. the last bit of the book is all in 3-d (fun), & there are a few sweet innovations. like, when nyarlathotep shows up. if you close one eye, he is a well dressed egyptian man speaking in hieroglyphics. if you close the other, it is a tentacled mass (overlayed in the same space) speaking in english. i liked that quite a lot.

creature collection by white wolf.
tome of horrors by white wolf.

old monster sourcebooks. mostly cute because the tome... is all "wizards said they won't make most of these monsters," on account of the fact that by now, they pretty much have. the ...collection is kind of useless, actually. they both dated, in a way that most early third edition products have. whatever. they were worth a page through. i'd get 'em if they were in a bargin bin, maybe.
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