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i was pretty sure it wasn't alive?

or instead of talking calliope music can just pour out of my mouth. you could say "did you hear about the haunted..." & i'd just be making eldritch whistling. "that haunted merry go round," you might finish. i can't tell the difference between a ghost & a halo? something is tight around my neck. "why are they always playing entrance of the gladiators? is the circus in town?" as i gasp & wheeze. doot doot doodle. hey rube, i'd say. it turns out i can make calliope music & carnie slang. aren't i a lucky guy. the stars are right! hey, i shouldn't be complaining. normally i just make this sort of white noise static buzz, this sort of sonar-fuzz that doesn't make sense unless you are SETI. also i speak grotesque. it is not a language but i can do it. it says so right here on my character sheet. secret truth: all helicopters are manta rays.

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