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i know the god damn hollow & the hollow knows me.

it kind of works like a juke box. put a couple of quarters (drinks) in me & i'll sing. i'll adagio you slow, i'll presto you quick. but you don't need a waltz to catch that two of the beats are missing. chatter/shadow boxing with hydrozoa on thursday, out to the union hall, a night late for science. i just secretly want to wander in the cold till i get lost. maybe fall through ice. there is a real drone on, video game music. saturday is kromelizard's birthday, & i trundle out to fordmadoxfraud's with him & wolvus: maggie & james, then finally christopher. no dante? on a date? bastard! the drugs are quick: soon we're mired in the labyrinth, then it is the greatest hits of krypton. christopher & i slink out last, or mostly last. i never called jenny to tell her i was staying later than i guessed, or to tell her i was coming home. inconsiderate. today i hung out with her, watched the mediocre tin man. then i met up with bernie at bar reis for alternating talk & distraction. we pair then crashed aquestrian & martak's date with dark haired girl. so here i am. does it make you feel better, doctor? all the sand in your hourglass?

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