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oubliette redux.

so half of the group i ran through my oubliette campaign will be gone by the next campaign: gerd is all up in vancouver doing his post-doc stuff & trying to have sex with dudes from battlestar galactica & bernie is fed up with babylon & is going back to the west coast. i guess it wasn't my first, but instead second oubliette campaign, counting the first one with kingtycoon, jeremy, & issac. lets not get hung up on details. the fact of the matter is that the charm of running a fall-out game, where the consequences of the old characters actions are viewed from the outside, is less appealing. i don't mean just bad consequences, either; just, you know, the results of their heroics. some of that was present in the last game (the total party killers being bosses-- pharisees & hidalgos-- of the church of the termagant) & i thought of continuing on that run. i'm not gonna! not with half my crew gone. instead, i think...

i think i'll just advance the setting one thousand years. i was going to do the year 999 millennium game, but instead i'll do 1999. now, someone asked if that meant it was going to be "modern." by no means! i think people hear "advance" & assume technology is involved. to them i answer: don't compare just the disparity between the years 2001 ce & 1001 ce. you also should compare 1001 ce to 1 ce. more i am looking for room to twist & warp the setting, to evolve the past of the game into the history of the setting. to encourage organic drift. i have to say, i'm much encouraged by mike's efforts in this regard: his evolving oisos setting is much recommended by the build up of events from each iterative campaign (we're on oisos x). so i'm going to go down that road. another reason i was going to stay relatively recent in the next game was going to be to provide familiarity, since i'm switching from the home-brew ogl game i was running to a home-brew wod game (open game license & world of darkness). to which i now say: fuck it! so what is left? maps! delightful maps. time to get down to some nitty gritty!
Tags: dnd, rpgs, wod

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