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thanks to avatar_x.

"be nice" elf soap

a few years ago for christmas i got this "elf soap" which said BE NICE on it. i was pretty charmed by it. i think it was kira that gave it to me, though i could be misremembering. anyhow, i thought it was just adorable, & there you have it. the big secret explanation!

113. fear of draculars

this guy michael bernard loggins wrote a book called fears of your life, which lists a bunch of fears that he has. also, he is retarded. so the fears are all kind of piecemeal craziness. janelle dubbed me a "brove of draculars" & there you go: it stuck.

cao nguyen's garter belt

cao nguyen is a vampire that i made back when i was running a vampire: the masquerade sabbat game. she was a serpent of light that was one of the bishops of cleveland's (my old character who had sort of "won" at the previous campaign, which is what ushered in the sabbat, &c. so he went into the semi-retired bin & i took over as storyteller) favorite heavy. she was also his necromantic apprentice. anyhow, she walked around all slinky in lingerie with a pistol tucked in her panties & another little hold out in her garter belt. hot.


in jeff noon's vurt, pure is poor. "pure" is being one, just one, of the five orders of being: human, robo, dog, shadow, or vurt. most people were robodogs or shadowgirls or the more complex vurtdogboys or roboshadowvurts. fourth order beings were only lacking one component, so rather than have it be a mouthful, they were back to one names: squids, dunces, spanners, flakes, & floats. the fifth order? that'd be alice hobart, i'd guess.

grand army plaza skirmishers

the subway stop i use most of the time is called "grand army plaza." it has a nice little ring to it, don't you think? anyhow, in the spirit of neverwhere, i sort of like to think about subways stops literally, you know? the chambers of chambers street, the grand army of grand army plaza, the guns of gun hill.

skies lousy with zepplins

i sort of wrote the first line to a novel by accident, a long time ago, & it was "the skies overhead were lousy with zepplins, crewed by the dead." it hasn't been entirely abandoned (if i ever write the story of gillick the bootblack & the fat wood cutter, then i'll probably use it) & i still like the ring of it. plus, did you know that the empire state building had a ring for docking airships? how slick is that? oh the steampunk world that never was.

xenosilicates from ribosomal abnormalities

don't you ever have your pet science-fiction gibberish answers? in this case, it has to do with using sci-fi to "explain" fantasy, or at least kind of. it also has to do with an interest in strange behaviours. anyhow, the sort of scheme i came up with, once upon a time, was a boy exhibiting pica who would start eating glass & sand, as a response to his body's immune system basically starting to digest him. meanwhile, his ribosomes would start freaking out &, using modified structures that currently stamp amino acids into proteins, would start making this long-chain silicate molocules, that would start twining around themselves into huge threads. anyhow, then insert your metamorphosis story with a heavy dose of super string theory.
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