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why won't the fucking foot clan just DO WHAT I SAY?

see, i told you i bought bitters! they were hiding behind the olive oil! "angostura" is probably martian for "tricksie" i think. that is where this comes from, yeah? mars? so here i am just sort of in my own head on this...shit, tuesday evening? i will destroy you, tyr! no one-handed man can stop me! speaking of, i think maybe i might be related to lugh of the long arm? because i was doing this bicep curl machine today & my one arm is totally longer than the other. see, i went to the gym! i slacked off last month, pretty much. not entirely, but it wasn't par, that is for sure. meanwhile...jenny was asleep! she is sick with a case of the muffins & rose petals. or whatever. bad juju! speaking of bad juju, mine has been circling round. curling about by fist.

currently? well, i was trying to piece together a mix for general_jinjur, but then! disaster struck! so now i'm listening to an old mix that i put together for jenny. you know, i've got some game! this cd ain't half bad! it ain't perfect, by any standard, but here it is. so now, what? i lurk in front of the glow from the monitor. i could be devising a plot. you might even say that i am! but i could stop at any time to go write in my little notebook or to read some of the black dossier. i might even read some of the next last apprentice book if i want to! I CAN DO WHAT I WANT & THE FOOT CLAN CAN'T STOP ME. also, i am a little bit obsessed with the heat miser.

oh, i have been having prophetic dreams about the gold moon again. & empty mars. black pinpricks.

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