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HEADLINE: homophobe likes racist whales.

so listen, a while ago this guy, this nobody guy, started one of those miniature tornadoes in a bottle (kandor), that bottle being the world of...the feminist comics bloggers! anyhow, the crux of his argument was: I am soooooo friggin' sick of gay characters being shoved into my comic books I could scream. he then goes on to...well, basically say he doesn't hate gay people, as long as they, you know, don't exist for all practical purposes. KNOWING that a character is gay really ruins it for him. he's got KIDS you have to understand. KIDS. so anyhow, it is sort of stupidly ongoing, like with him calling people who disagree with his homophobia the Pink Crowd which is actually kind of cute. anyhow, some commenter, failing to understand that interconnectivity is the very nature of the internet, & that the people responding to his homophobic statements had clicked over there, wondered why nobody had commented on his save the whales post. anyhow, i like whales, & they were just in my stupid nanowrimo which looms like a shadow over everything i do, so i went over to whales revenge to sign their meaningless internet petition. then after i had, i played their silly little flash game. WHICH HAS RACIST CARICATURES IN IT. alright, the tiny little japanese flags, i'm down with that. no problemo! why not point fingers! maybe level two is norwegians! anyhow, if you blow up the boat, dudes wearing coolie hats jump off waving their arms! what the hell! racist fucking whales! fucking amazing.
Tags: comics, ideology

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