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i like young adult fantasy fiction.

the last apprentice: revenge of the witch by joseph delaney.

jenny got through this with an admix of reading & listening to the audio book at the gym. i can't imagine that sort of multimedia approach to a book; maybe that means i should try it some time. anyhow, she recommended it to me, & so i picked it up. i sort of slacked off on novels when november hit, to stay focused, & now i'm out of practice. ease back into it with some quick reads, i figure. i ended up liking it more than i expected. you know, it was weirdly gendered...all female witches & whatnot, but recognizing such a thing doesn't hamper my enjoyment (except at a nit-picker, right? like witches were all female, pah!) so i trundled on. also, i have a stake in liking ya books where the protagonist isn't a little shit, but is instead the kind of kid who steps up to the plate. programming better children for a better tomorrow, that is what i always say. there wasn't so much genuine spookiness in it, but the mood was set well, & that is really a nice thing. i liked it enough to buy the next one, so well done, i guess.
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