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i'm interested in an impossibly cosmopolitan tommorow. black kids who are hindus & whose first language is japanese. shit like that. just like little social jig-saw frankensteins. i'm interested in "american," too. as a nationality. who knows how that might shake out! also i'm interested in brunch. did i rant & rave about how my starchy breakfast didn't cut the mustard? it didn't. my myelin sheathes needed fat! i needed fat & protien. so i filled myself up (just now!) with eggs &c. from the taqueria. it is better. i am less "hung loose." other than that, what did i do today? you greedy fucking brain-sac. get out of my skull! leave it hollow for happier spiders.

cerebus: church & state volume one by dave sim.

dave sim has some issues. those issues are starting to bubble up. inbetween that, though, it this fucking masterpiece. what a great bunch of lunacy; adam weisshaupt (aka the illuminatus better known as george washington) versus groucho marx aarvark conan the barbarian. while managing to be a personal story & a sweeping story. while managing to be a not-too-preachy commentary on government & religion. while managing to be a story about coping with growing older. seriously. i mean, i guess it isn't shocking that there are so many levels in it: the thing-- the cerebus epic-- is fucking huge. & dave sim doesn't care about spending four pages with the same picture but for different sound effects while cerebus takes a leek in the middle of the night. it is fricking great though. i like things.

what else have i done? well, i played on my gameboy a little bit. i accidentally started copying the external hard drive's contents onto the computer's hard drive. i fixed it, though. oops! told itunes to add some songs to the library, didn't i? better not to fuck around with it at all. jenny will come home & make the magic box work for mordicai. i drew some cosmologies. with my hands. dragons wrapped around the stars. i laid in the shower for an hour & let the water pelt me. finished watching the pirate-themed mythbusters & a little bit of margret cho on chelsea lately. chatted to alicia for a hot minutes. basically what i'm saying is: not much. screw you assholes, i wrote a novel last month! i don't need this shit. what i do need is to go to the gym. i'm waiting for jenny before shoving off in that direction. jenny! i have been invited to an engagement party tonight, but i am thinking i will blow it off; otherwise it is a weekend without her in it, & neither of us like that. i want to convince her to show up with me, have a drink, & then bail, but we'll see if that works. we like the bar, though! the hungarian dj was really fun last time we were there, & the drinks were sublime.
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