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expedition to castle wolfenstein.

after the furor of writing last night, which actually didn't go that late (i left work shortly after david closed up), i got onto my robolion & jaunted to williamsburg to meet up with simon. while i write about this, i should mention that the meal i made, of pasta & boiled potatoes? it is kind of bland. i threw half a head of garlic in there for good measure, & occasionally that bites back, but generally, it is a lot like living in the eastern bloc. i may have overboiled the pasta. percocet-elli. where was i? right. i formed the head. so simon was waiting for me at matchless &, as a gentleman wooing his lady, he bought me drinks. i let him see a little flesh. even! i introduced him to the gimlet & invented the "red cerebus!" there were supposedly bands playing! the first girl began to sing without even telling us that she would! it transformed from soundcheck to performance & all that seperated them was a listener shushing me! anyhow, we tumbled out into the lobby to again begin our chit-chat. then, to the car service depot. it had...something we needed! after our secret exchange at the depot (brown paper packages tied up with string) we went to enids for drinks & looking at my copy of a certain banned text. when i went to go to the bathroom, i was joined by a young lady & we looked at the doors in befuddlement. in place of gender signs were two plaques of horses, but two different horses. i tried to deduce the stallion from the mare, to no avail! eventually i just told her "we're both horses, baby," & utilized the facillities. okay? then there was a little more flim-flam, & bam! back at the simoncave. i insisted that we do so because he had demurred & said it was messy. i've seen your mess now, simon! all your mess. we drank further, & played lego star wars. it HAD TO BE STOPPED when he couldn't find his other controller: two player or bust! then simon put in a recording of jungle woman of the jungle which we watched until i came on & then i was forced to flee! too creepy! how could i be in two places at once? simon fled with me! oh the horror! & we argued over who was worse, didio or quesada. obnoxiously! when he left me, he was shouting about how i was loki the trickster god. but by that time...i was!

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