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vamps go back to transylvania!

commenced docking procedures with hydrozoa last night, & was charmed. & charming, but then, i'm always charming (& pretty). we initiated protocols at grand army plaza & proceeded into prospect park, where we got on japanese go-gang bikes & tore all over the dark paths. she hit an oil slick, skidded out, ate pavement, & was right back up. "hey, lets see if we can jump those stairs!" to which i replied "i have darkvision!" & it went like that for a little while. i'm going to use her as an anchor to get my life together! simpatico. then we took a likely turn (after i pointed out the lairs of two trolls) & poof! there we were in my apartment, like turning a corner. it was all we're going to bond now, motherfuckers time, with tears on my shoulder! it was great. making friends is fun & easy! jenny came home then &, pizzelles & pork & spinach. & wine. so we drank wine & did a chatting thing. then there was synchronicity! which had my spider-senses, so finely tuned to the supernal & infernal worlds, a-tingle. a flicker in the wizard's glass! then after a hedwig & the angry inch viewing, i escorted her to the train & fell back home to a tainted slumber.

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