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remember "hereos"?

heroes volume one by various authors & artists.

i summed up how i felt about this a while ago & have been carrying it around with me: it was like seeing a girl you used to have a crush on in a cute outfit. you get to be all "oh yeah, remember that?" while at the same time being over it already. i don't want to be totally over heroes. i can be won back over. this comic is just sort of collected apocrypha, which is generally the kind of thing i like. hey, as an aside, how cool is borges that he gets thought of whenever shit like made-up books comes up? that is great. okay! so. speaking of "remember when...", do you remember when that girl was like "nuclear man! mind-reading man! lets take down horn-rimmed glasses man!" & then fucking dissapeared? apparently that story was being told in the comics. there you have it. oh, two more things. sorry, distracted. one, there is an online site connected & also, the war stories arc was decent.
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