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feast of the turkey, now edited, with pictures!

nothing celebrates gluttony like the cast & crew of thanksgiving 2007! our turkeys say "goblin goblin!" who showed up? how did it go down? here, pull up an ottoman & i will spin you a yarn. the hosts? kira & nino.

i guess this puts them at two years running, eh? lets see, lets compare them to jungle animals, shall we? nino is a bit meercat, though i don't mean it in a derogatory sense at all. maybe lemur-like, we could say. sardonic as hell. kira a short cat. a lynx, maybe. i'm just making stuff up here, okay? maybe the creatures of the wild was not a very good tool for description. so kira & nino, jenny & me.

me & the little lady were a-bickerin'. she'd been just foul in temperament the previous night, & there were some miscommunications about plans. as in, she never told me them, & i was expected to know them. they got sorted out soon enough, & i took a cab over with a card table. there was some walking back & forth on my watch: i mean to say: me & nino walking back to my apartment to pick up a game, then to the grocery store & other shops to run some last-minute errands. by the time we got back donna & her beau pablo were there, & we ran into jodi & her sister amy at the door.

lets say donna is a, hm. something thin & limbs out, so maybe i'll say crustacean? a pretty little coral reef crab maybe. pablo, he's a shaggy thing of some sort, very laid back. can i say sloth? really, these charicatures are not coming out very well! maybe i don't have the same attachments to anthropomorphization as most might? i have decided that (just now) that my experiences with tmnt have prepared me better than most. which leaves me to do jodi & amy, & then we'll be done with this task...jodi is a dancer, a floor-sprawler...why not say a kangaroo, why not? she's a jumper! don't argue with it! amy would be...lets keep the family resemblance & say a wombat. australia! it is like a family. shut up.

did i mention this was around noon? which was when we had lunch: lunch being my favorite style, which is the snack. the crackers, cheese, meats kind. with special knives for the cheese! oh, you probably underestimate the place specialized cutlery has in my heart/cockles! strange, uncanny knives. & then, the whiskey. there had been a creation of some kind, some special apple sour mix, so we were downing that. to kill time while kira & jenny & donna cooked (i know it sounds like the lady-folk were cooking, but keep in mind: kira was the queen bee, & jenny & donna her assistants, not to speak ill against them! they're the kind of "fire & forget" helpers, competent in their own right!) we decided to watch some movie: it came down to blades of glory, deathproof, or the reaping. consensus was....blades of glory, because who really wants to see the reaping? & you might want to actually watch deathproof, & the cooks could only offer parcels of attention, not a span. it was funny enough, i guess, but it was no dodgeball (which is the genre winner, so far). eventually, it was concluded, & the final touches began to be put on the dishes! we constructed a cruciform table & set place settings, & then, ta-da!

so i don't really know what everything was; there were lots of flourishes & special kinks to the dishes. i record now to the best of my recollection, out of a sense of obligation to report to you the meal. turkey, of course. this was to be slathered in garlic butter. brussel sprouts, prepared however they might be prepared. stuffing came in two varieties: there was a casserole kind, & then a sticky-rice kind. huh! cranberry sauce. pickled cauliflower (a bright pink). salad with fennel & pomegranate seeds. pureed roots (all kinds, turnips, celery root, potatoes, who knows what else). miso sweet potatoes. there may very well be dishes i'm leaving out. i had two plates, & i ranked the dinner as brussel sprouts best & then turkey second. weird, right? turkey is such the staple that it normally gets left out of the ranking, but it was really stellar. so we ate ate ate until buttons popped, all the while guzzling wine. cha. till that moon sank. then leftovers were divvied up (by the way? hate. i was too lazy to pack any to bring to work with me today) & nino & i set to washing. turns out i drunkenly suck at washing! or well, i just sprayed water everywhere: the floor, the sink, my crotch, the dishes, everywhere. it just kept coming & coming! eventually nino kicked me off washing & onto drying for the last leg of it, & then, finally, at long last...done! there was dessert as well, but i didn't have any, as per my usual. pies of various sorts maybe? pumpkin? & an apple-thing. like a thin tort.

third stage boosters! concluded the evening with apple to apples. a card game in which nouns & adjectives are mixed. pretty simple, which makes drunkenly playing it fun. the good news was that i ended up winning it, breaking a three-way tie between kira, jenny, & myself. the bad news is that i kept saying "BAM!" & couldn't stop. i would occasionally mix it up & say "WHAMMO!" but the "BAMS!" kept coming. so it had its ups & its downs. there was coffee in there at some point as well; nino is a big "cold brewer" which meant i got to have cold coffee. i don't like hot, dry foods; i like cold, moist ones. coffee is a dry food, so i prefer it chilled. drinks! & finally, everyone started kludging their stuff together to go. laden with bags, jenny & i took our merry path home, & dammit but it was cold! you know, it had been some ridiculously warm weather during the day, & then slightly chillier at night, & we were unprepared for the dip. still, we made it, & then jenny laughed at our big bellies. i didn't think it was funny at all! but then, i've got a problem even being reminded i have one. a body. oh, & at some point in the night i was sleeping on the couch. led their by a dark dream, no doubt!
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