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cerebus two.

high society by dave sim.

alright, now we're cooking with gas; i had forgotten just how good this can be, & it sure is. maybe i'm a sucker for groucho, maybe i'm a sucker for astoria; suffice to say, this is a heck of a gem. in fact, i'm kind of cheating-- i haven't finished it yet, but decided to do this dance anyhow. the only two complaints i could come up with are that a) landscape is sucky to read & b) you really should read the first phonebook to get some of the jokes in this one. anyhow, whenever i read it, i always laugh at the academic tone of the asides; the whole thing is very charming. i find myself taking notes from sim's sense of place; he's got the illusion of the muli-layered setting down pat, which i admire, since it seems to combine a good mix of off the cuff go where the story goes improvisation along with unpublished notes. he probably played a lot of dungeons & dragons, i'd guess.
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