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nothing much doing.

sit on the couch & chuckle at the television, turn into bed & read a few comic books. you know? we ordered sixteen bottles of wine, though. or as i like to think of it, "we need a wine rack." i'm excited to have a ton of wine but also know that the best way to moderate my drinking is to not have alchohol available. i've been okay at translating that "available" from "present" into "open," & maybe therin lies the key. other than that, i've been coming home late (cushioning for the holiday) & basically have been spending the last couple of hours, into the wee morn with the little lady. all cuddle cute! she read buffy season eight last night & i couldn't keep myself from reading over her shoulder. okay, okay, this isn't riviting or really worthy of note, & i'm certainly not going to start listing the individual comics i read (that way lies madness) so i guess i'm done here? television night is cancelled; my goal is 30k on the nano by bedtime, & then another power push the day of thanksgiving. that is the goal.

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