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poughkeepsie tapes clip.

it is really weird how effective the simple trick of this clip is; the mask on the crown of the head & walking on all fours. that sort of lo-fi special effects really appeal to me, especially since i can just steal it & use it in my game. oh, yeah, i am the dungeon master who doesn't mind acting like a creep-out here & there: pop that mask on & crawl into the room to put a chill in the spine? you'll be seeing it, my lovelies. it does make me wish i had my scaramouch mask here in babylon with me; it is stuck back in the wastelands. i ought to look into getting my grubby little hands on it. in terms of film, whatever, i like the shaky-cam shooting: i liked blair witch & i'm looking forward to cloverfield. we talked about it all day; is it cthulhu? maybe. i'd certainly be excited if it was. is it voltron? no, but if a robolion ran out i'd freak. is it godzilla? naw. yeah, i'm hoping it is cthulhu, but i'm guessing it is the bloop. no reason it can't be both at the same time, though.
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