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i thought i might talk about my dietary experiments, because...why would i talk about my dietary requirements? i might have to eat; that might be a sad but true fact. i don't want to, i really don't. jetson pills, please! calling mister wonka! but short of that, i've been continuing to expand my horizons. or really, jenny has been expanding them for me; i'd still be eating gruel left to my own devices. because survey says mordicai eats gruel. that would be because i do, or did when i was a single ant. but quinoa! olive mentioned it to me once & i almost didn't accept what she was saying; it is some super-grain, with your fiber, & amino acids, & protein, & all kinds of other shit. they're going to grow it in space! them incans had some nifty toys. if it wasn't so soapy until you wash it, white people would have totally been eating it before now. anyhow, also brussels sprouts, though that is more of a "who knew!?" thing. oh, & mushrooms! though those are still growing on me, & david (mcmaco') really gets first credit. why am i thinking about what i ate? two reasons. i don't really like food, but i like having opinions. & also, super grain. i like science, & anything that reeks of science. this does! science. okay. no more getting distracted by internetingly things. shoo! off! away & shite with you!

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