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(grafton) elliot smith.

oh, & cortney & i figured out that elliot smith committed suicide out of shame over the piltdown hoax. how's that for razbliuto? not too shabby. the rest of my day was work, working late a little bit to cushion thanksgiving, & not getting any work done on my nanowrimo. need to buckle down on that, & how! can't get stalled out half-way through, that's just embarrassing. okay, i don't know, i'm all rumble in the jungle today at work. hey, lets bulk this entry up: i'll write a couple of reviews. oh so fascinating, but fuck you: i care more about what i did on a slow day than i do about what you did on your best. you climbed mount doom & tossed the ring into the fires therein? yeah? great! i watched television, then i went to bad: that night, i had bad dreams! top that, you short little freak!

complete champion by ed stark, chris thomasson, rhiannon louve, & ari marmell. has a bunch of feats, a bunch of "feats" (otherwise known as alternative class features), & then page after page of organizations. i liked the organizations kind of; what book was that in? anyhow, i liked them, but as soon as i mentioned liking them to my players they took it as an opportunity to get new powers for their characters & i was kind of disenchanted by that. "okay, okay, you can get your stupid spell components at a 10% discount, great, whatever." maybe if i was still on that kick i would have liked this as something i could strip apart for the mechanics of, but a lot of the feats i didn't find that serial-number-file-off-able, since they required the mechanics of the classes to work: divine feats that use sacraficed turnings, stuff like that. anyhow; i guess the moral is i didn't see anything that hooked me as a dm or a player, but hey, maybe someone else would.

cerebus by dave sim.

i thought i might as well start re-reading this, partially so that i could tell people when it starts getting "good." good being in those magical "quotes" because, well...good, crazy, six of one half, &c. dave sim sure does give you insight into his fractured little psyche, huh? i'd read these oh, six years ago or so, & thus haven't read the end, but it was pretty engaging at the time; give me groucho marx any day of the week. it isn't really worth going into what is wrong with dave sim's misogyny; suffice to say it isn't the casual, unthinking shit you normally see, but rather, a well-considered philosophical worry that the mothers & daughters are trying to steal his chi. like i said, the screws are loose.
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