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my oisos character's minis.

the first character i played in mike's game was daedul dauchaskrim eyekiller, better known as skrim. skrim started out as a foul mouthed tiefling psion, & over the course of the came evolved into a gods-name-in-vain taking tiefling paragon/psion/planewalker out to oppose the gods. at the end of the campaign, which went epic, he was the god of tieflings & blasphemy. i like to think of him as odin with a cursing problem. This is the miniature i used; it is a druid of obad-hai (from dragoneye-- i used it for the horns, since he was that kind of tiefling) with the sickle clipped off, a paper-clip torc, & the spear tip painted with sparkly green nailpolish (my concession to the "psychic crystal" fetish of dnd).

this is hoxa four-tusks, my half-orc monk from the game scott ran in oisos. that was fun time, huh? hoxa wore a ring of sustenance all the time & it took most of the campaign for people to figure out why he didn't eat or sleep much (which really frustrated the cleric of the dream-god). he belonged to an underdark monastic order i created called "the black marionette gangsters" who had a dualistic pantheon worshiping the god of torture & the god of unarmed combat; it is important to note that they weren't particularly evil. his prestige class slowly turned him into a black leather scarecrow & gave him the living construct subtype. the mini is a grimlock (from dragoneye) with the spear chopped off & a white cape tied on (hoxa was really into the druid casting cloudwalk on him).

captain endicott clay, of the s.s.s. bluebeak. he started off life as a gnome scout, survivor of two disasters (one zombie related, the other demogorgon related). one by one his fellow survivors died off, till the npc orc cleric of the orc death god was the only person he trusted to have his back. so, you know, after i took him as a cohort, he was killed. luckily the death god returned him to me as an undead shadow. the game was a spelljammer game, & endicott advanced in scout & the prestige class i cooked up called "courageous captain!" with the exclamation point mandatory. splenshurr, the undead orc, was a shadow & he advanced as a "lurking terror" & "ephemeral examplar." peter painted the endicott mini, & splenshurr is a mountian orc (from abberations) painted in black magic marker with the blade of the halberd painted red.

the spenta mainyu is the character i'm playing now; pardon the old photo but his miniature is safely tucked away at the dm's house. the spenta mainyu is an astral deva; i'd never used the savage species rules so i thought i'd try them out. he generally keeps himself hidden, but mike let slip little by little what was up with him, so i "came out of the closet" last session. not that it impressed anyone much; they're all aasimar, or half-spirits, or warlocks, or whatever. motley! the mini is something from confrontaton, but rather than put on the funny helmet the guy had, i sort of cut some pewter to make a miter. go funny hats!
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