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i thought i'd experiment with a camera today; seems like a thing i wouldn't normally do, so, in my quest to be the ultimate polymath (except, you know, with math) i am attempting it. i guess a photo essay! this is the story of my hair cut. without a "before", so i uploaded one that jenny took last night when she was fucking with my hair & "product." listen: i was already a dorky kid in junior high who slicked his hair back with gel or mousse or whatever. i'm over & done with that shit in a big way, all looking like brent spiner, fuck that.

jenny took this dorky looking picture of me, as explained above. then she complained i was too stiff. so i started posing like a girl on antm, which sickened her. so i guess that means i won?

i cut my hair in the shower, which i imagine is par for the course. who wants to get hair everywhere? plus, you can just rinse off the bits you missed when you're done. anyhow, i hopped out in the middle to show the sort of "work in progress." i like the blurry one because i've been doing a four-eyes thing lately. look at my trial & error with different backgrounds! like watching a kid in high school photography, i'm sure.

this doesn't look like that much hair, but trust me, it was (always trust centauri!). now i have to go bury it in the special place where i bury my hair & fingernail clippings so that enemy wizards can't get ahold of a sympathetic link. that means it is still poppets & barbies for you, foes! also in the shower i sort of spent five minutes freaking myself out, as i cut the hair around my ears. see, my peripheral vision is totally weaker on one side from getting my skull smashed. i sometimes do little "exercises" with my eyes (you know, holding a glance, rolling them, whatever-- i just did one now & saw stars!) but it isn', i don't like having less peripheral vision on one side.

so here i am, all finished up. okay, a haircut maybe isn't the most interesting subject, but cut me some slack! it is all i've done today so far. which reminds me, time to crack the whip.
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