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i'm trying to remember to subject line things.

after a day of running the store han solo, emphasis mine, & managing to sell vampire: the requiem to our local police officer, i packed off for home. first thing i did was let jenny fuck around with my hair. you know, anything for attention, right? the moral of the story is, i look like an idiot. i'm cutting it all off today, so whatever. don't part my hair, don't tease my hair. though i have started to get a secret fascination with diabolical forelocks. you know, two little side curls coming in on the widow's peak. or in other words, like a flash gordon villain. forgetting about hair, stupid hair, i picked up some food & some gin & we curled up on the couch. i don't know how it is happening, but best week ever is still on; jenny said that the actual by-laws of the strike are really complicated in some places; i'm guessing this is one of them. i just poked around a little & i couldn't figure it out. once that was done we watched...i'm ashamed to record it for posterity. i certainly won't link to it. we sought out the most recent "shock site" going around, "2 girls 1 cup," which i've got to say, isn't up there with goatse. i mean, it isn't pleasant by any means, but you know, have them doing the same thing with an eel-- that's worse. okay, getting passed that. we also watched darkon, which i liked. it isn't my hobby, though the drunker jenny got, the more she got "see, i could see myself doing that!" which cracked me up. we kept pausing it to chuckle about...whatever. anyhow, it was a really well made documentary. wait, i don't know anything about documentaries. i can't honestly say it was well made because i don't know jack. i did like it though. only, like, one of the characters was contemptible. i kept looking to see if the armor antonio used to have would show up; he sold it on ebay, so i figure some larper somewhere has it. what with the larper on beauty & the geek going from the most uncharismatic guy to the success story of the season, i'm going to say this fall is the SEASON OF THE LARPER! good job, guys. everybody gain 100 xp.
Tags: movies, rpgs, television

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