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in the lull, a creeping dark!

falling a little behind on the novel. which is why i've been sort of absent from lifestyle recording action. i'm not, you know, tragically behind, or irrevocably slacking or anything. but i'm a couple thousand in the hole, & it is worth noting so i dig myself out. dicipline, seargent slaughter! he was instumental in the cloning of serpentor, & in whipping hawk into shape! right? gimmie a cobra-la-la-la! so anyhow, it is coming along pretty well, i think. not to shabby-- i've gone for rough strokes rather than oppresive detail. & you know what i've found about myself, re: dialogue? i mostly just like lots of misunderstandings. characters who speak highly idiomatically & listeners who do not share the paradigm & have to keep asking for clarification. i also, & i think the word-bubbles of comics are probably the biggest influence in this regard, i like the various characters to have their own visual speech-style: one of my characters all in bold, another who only talks in pictograms (wingdings). characters with heavy accents done with, you know, subbing v's for w's & z's for s's. i don't want to go overboard with fonts & colours, but it is my knee jerk.

the other day i hooked up with si & monica for, what, some quick face time. i wanted a cave-like conspiracy, but they gave us...urinal chocolates! it went down thus: "hey," said mordicai "i don't want to get drinks, so lets meet at a coffee joint." & simon was like "no drink?" & i said "let it go! coffee!" & he said "where?" to which i replied "huh? where?" & we settled on cosi. because they also have cocktails. but then they shoo'ed us out! doing their "table service only!" to which monica replied: "i like chocolate!" so fuck 'em & we went to max brenners. where they have chocolate pizza, chocolate spagetti, whatever. i'd had some kind of craving for dark chocolate & chilis, you know straight up aztec gangster style, which i got, but it turned out to be just spicy hot chocolate; way milk & sugared up. sad face mordicai! i hate sweets, but i do like savory chocolate (it chemically forces me to!)

otherwise, it has been kind of knuckle-draggingly tired. not for any reason i can tell. sunday was mike's oisos game, with some post-modern, post-dnd storytelling experimentation that went really well. all the pc's crafted up some npcs for themselves & then we did a power-hour focus on each character. as i'm invested in flipping the equation around, i was interested both as a participant & an observer. it worked! which was cool.

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