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space saturday.

at the gym i was watching some history channel thing on, well, on what i presume was the ussr v. usa space feud. it was just fun to watch the different spin put on it by the parties interviewed when it came to the soviet shuttle & the united states shuttle. the american author was like "it was...espionage!" & the russian science adviser was like "the exteriors were the same because of physics!" & the american engineer was all "i wouldn't say espionage. none off the plans were classified or anything. if they would have written to us, we probably would have sent them a copy." which was like-- man, the college of wizards! camaraderie of alchemists! weird to live in that era, huh? i like to stop & admire great works of sorcery, like bridges. anyhow: woke up this morning to truck out to bensonhurst with mike, kelly, & the birthday boy bernie. we ate a bucket of dim sum each. afterwards i got caught up on my dnd "homework" for mike's game, which left me time to play catch up with my novel. i'd been sort of falling behind, but i'm at 15,174 as of this moment, which puts me pretty much right on par. the nanowrimo site thinks i am a little bit behind that; i think that they don't count wingdings & webdings as words, which is stupid because i have a character that talks in them. so far jenny & i have watched heroes together (it was an improvement, but still not there...) & now she's fussy in the other room. i'll maybe tuck off to bed early? why not! it has been full of adventure, even though i had to cry off on going to the cemetary.

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