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new new gods.

so occasional superheroine has this theory, the meat of which is, that with the death of the new gods (say it ain't so, ma!) the "greats" of the dcu will be...uplifted to godhood. & well...there definitely is some fifth (5th) world stuff going on, & i for one was always charmed by metron/grant morrison's statement that earth was going to be the inheritors of the fourth (4th) world. i think the change of raising everybody up & taking them out of continuity is maybe...a bit crazy, from a business standpoint, but what do i know? so what, then the sidekicks would get promoted up, along with them? who knows. my questions are more like: where would they live? "new gotham" & "new metropolis"? would it be the bat versus the alien? i could go for that. or would it be more like batgod versus joker-god? & really, what about their non-heroic relations? does lois lane get beatified? i don't know, & i don't really buy it. i was betting on there being fifty-two (52!) earths plus apokalips & new genesis. looks like i was wrong, though. still, i'm leery of ending kirby's legacy, though i understand not wanting to leave the weird dangling epic out there. it really is a shame that jack kirby, i don't know, invented the graphic novel too soon for his time. the myth cycle is a dissapointment unfinished, but you get darkseid in the bargin, so why freak out? no? you want to freak out? yeah, i don't know, i'm a fan of the mythos; i would say bring it into the dcu instead of just on the fringes; but then, that kind of goes without saying, given my fifty-two plus two (52! 52!) pitch. i just hope whatever happens doesn't suck, at the end of the day. huh. i wonder if maybe the "gods" will be the heroes, sans mortal identity-- so, batman but no bruce wayne, or the flash but no wally, or barry, or bart.
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