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yesterday after work, instead of going to the gym, i went up to where jenny works in chinatown. she'd given me pretty good directions (except i don't like "north" ever when trying to go somewhere) so it was no trouble at all. none! & you know, after i sat there for a few minutes, we went to amazing 66 for dinner with carla & robert. yo, i had the fattiest food ever. no, fatter than that. i mean, just soaking in oily fats to keep the fat in, otherwise it would sort of blob out through brownian motion & overwhelm your world. tons. of. fat. &. salt. we had a chicken filled with shrimp! a meal called "pork with salty fish, salty eggs, & salty pickles" which was precisely that, & jenny accidentally ate the fried egg yolk. yikes! after that, we went, despite my protestations, to a bar, a billiards club really, called tropical. which turned out to rule. i mean, the interior was a...grotto! the bathroom wall was a fishtank! they only serves beer, sake, & wine, so...we drank sake bombs all night? oh, did i mention we spent way too much chedder doing all of these ridiculous things? & robert put fucking nickleback or something on the jukebox once? the fucking hell! really, that tropical place was sly, & when they ran out of the sake carla & i was drinking, they gave us snifters of the good unfiltered stuff. not a bad evening this "sexy double date" thing! i tried to invent a day where we all get together & watch twin peaks but really, i just want to watch twin peaks all the time, with everyone. it is better than having friends. trust me! friends bail on you! twin peaks never will.

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