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why i'm gouging out your eyes.

a foul mood today; come not into my lair, said the spider to absolutly everyone. it ain't what you'd call gentlemanly. i don't know, i'm, science says! most likely tired & hung-over, but why be reasonable when i can assume this gloom, this funk, is a dark star hidden by the reflecting light on the firmament? like, what the fuck. what the fuck, no, today also sucks. why are homeless people coming into my store asking if i know where they can buy a metrocard swipe for a dollar? fuck you, get out of my store. or, well, the fuck you was inside, but "get out of my store." you know the other internal conversation i've had today? with the imaginary manager of burger king! it went like this:

imaginary manager of burger king: why the fuck did you throw this garbage in front of my store! razzle frazzle! imma float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! you put your garbage in front of my store!

mordicai: you fucking fucker! here is a new game: if, when i hear back from my garbage carting company, find out that your fucking garbage, which says fucking burger king on it is the reason that my garbage men didn't take these fucking boxes, i am reporting you to the fucking city!

i.m.o.b.k: oh.

& plus, cracked out girl came in &...asked if i could bum her a cigarette! fuck you! but whatever, things are on the upswing. some kid, this kid that comes in here all the time, just bought a copy of spider-man <3s mary jane, so that warmed my cockles. it fucking warmed my cockles right up! then he insisted on me telling him about alan moore. you're okay, sport!

top ten: book two by alan moore, gene ha & zander cannon.

i checked a book out from jenny's library! i did it, & i read it, & it was by alan moore! fuck! i liked it, but you know, right, i knew i would. there were a couple of great parts: the chessman's last words were bad-ass, & joe pi is a dude's dude. i don't really care about any of it, though, because i'm filled with...hate!
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