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“Man, I just missed Spider Man, I was like walking by the Pinto and this little kid was like look it's Spider Man I felt bad I don't think he likes ___ I was kinda disappointed because Spider Man is a web flinging protector of New York City and that's pretty ok but maybe he was Captain America's house cos Captain America doesn't live too far away from me. He's over in Lidol(?) which is just under the hood pop if you just follow the ball ___ so shit I missed spider man that sucks. ___ But I'll go gaga(?) over him not a big cult of the other guy but spider man is pretty awesome. I'm really forced to admit spider power is really really high up there sweet powers to have. American powers are not bad I'm not dissing(?) on Cap he's sweet he's got bigger powers I think I could probably see my way to getting in to that. Spider Man I”

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