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any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from schizophrenia.

schizophrenia. right. just a quick note jotted to ourselves on my usual morning conversation with kingtycoon. you know, as telephones become headsets, as people sit staring at screens in catatonic states. cute & ultimately true, you know? which, speaking of cute & ultimately true, last night was a shitty television night but a pretty decent halloween. fordmadoxfraud had to hang at the office a little late as the owners were combing through the dry wall in search of secrets, & then from there, we got to force ourselves through the halloween parade that cuts through my 'hood. want to talk about feminist superhero stuff? the best evidence that it is happening is all the little girls dressed up like spider-man or the batman totally unselfconsciously. good for you! the walk along the slope, which is normally pretty brisk, was slowed to a crawl, which wasn't so bad given that we got to peep on some costumes. the winners were:

first prize: the tron family (father, mother, small child).
second place: gay pride dumbledore.
honorable mention: bizarro (small child).

anyhow, the wait at pizza plus was a little bit long when we put in our order (finally), so fmf & i popped over to the tea lounge to have a beer & read some comics. new x-man was a stand-out, so was grant morrison's batman & geoff johns' superman. when we finally got back to my apartment: jenny! she'd turned out all the lights, put on candles, & was dressed up in a goofy costume & mask! good for her, with her halloweening! she'd also bought special "boo-ghost" glasses, so we drank cocktails instead of our usual wine, & special vodka instead of our usual svedka. anyhow, about the television: pushing daisies was very, very exellent! but everything else was a recap show? fuck off! we ended up watching some tila tequila insults america instead.

anyhow, i'm bold: i just started my own nanowrimo. the first line?

“...d very much like to kill you.” Confused, Hansel blinked his peepers, two shutters clicking, & looked around him, cogs turning in his think-box.
Tags: comics, nanowrimo, television

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