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always winning.

i've got the luxury of spending my time on all having all these opinions about things because frankly, i am unassailable in my philosophy. none shall stand against faerie tale nihilism, none shall stand against the fallen & broken. hard to fall down in the graveyard crying "woe!" when you've got your black chess pieces moving across the board aggressively. it isn't that my heart is anything other than a shattered piece of glass lodged in my chest, or a spider wriggling against these bones. the dull ache in my arms where i'm supposed to loop together like a crooked plastic monkey out of a barrel isn't gone. i can't walk the streets of babylon without wishing they were the winding mandala roads of heaven. i still wake up in the night all nine (9) of swords & watch wil o' wisps dance around in the dark. how am i going to get jagged about it? i'm on top of this shit. the gloomy prince got his dark sorcery together & hey. i walk the streets of babylon with the princess on my arm. pretty tough to cry out for war when you're on the field of battle tossing grenades into the enemies trenches, invincible. so yeah. i take some time out to have opinions. because i'm interesting. & because i'm a self-reinforcing memetic creature. i learn my lessons from tunguska! starts as just a few bits, but as the program goes through iterations, the sprawling tentacles of dangerous math spread. & you've got me inside of you. so have some ideas. have some opinions. i'm fucking your brain. i'm fucking your brain & i'm winning. gnosis is the name of my sword & sutra is the name of my shield.
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