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the fourth edition (4th ed) pantheon.

so wizards recently talked about their new pantheon. i can see a lot of good meat in that stew, but i have some serious concerns as well, you know? i mean, some of the concerns are just basic doubts, like: i doubt anyone can make corellon larethian interesting. so. boring. there are some huge benefits though, like: bahamut! man, making the platinum dragon the star good guy is a serious step in the right direction. he's got flavor, he's got room to be adapted, he's got legacy cred. he's got everything you might want, & being a paladin of bahamut sounds a million times more appealing than being a paladin of whitebread heironeous, who was only tolerable because hextor was kind of cool. which segues into the downside: no more hextor, & now...bane. see, here is the thing: pantheons don't usually have bad guys. or, you know, evil members. you might have tricksie guys like loki, or kind of unpredictable dicks, but not so much the villain. counter-point: there is plenty of precedent for a "lawful evilish" god. which, you know, i agree with, i guess. having the fascist god isn't a problem with me, especially in your new "a few bright points of civilization against the dark wilds" paradigm. it makes total sense. but even the name "bane" is a little bit "lol lol muahahaha evilz" for my taste, & you know what? i'm pretty "lolz evil" myself. maybe you'll run some hardcore game to try to up bane into the big leagues, but making him the darth vader of the gods is not the best idea, for my money. i mean, i have a particular thing against bane because he featured in the one forgotten realms game i played in, & trying to understand his continuity (mortal, kills a god, becomes mortal again, maybe kills some more gods, gets killed, gets replaced, bursts out of his weirdly named son's head, whatever) was worse than the worst comics have to throw at you. i guess my advice is just make every god one that somebody would have some reason to pray to at some point or another. & if you are dead set on making evil gods? look to the precedent set by the conflict between the titans & the olympians. the old, dead gods make for some solid villainous deities. but cancel this nerull style "bad guyz" style shit, that is all i ask, in advance.
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