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last night was pretty cute. see, i'm a jerk, & jenny's a brat. it is true! sometimes i get it in my head that i'm going to put my foot down! usually in a mostly-joking capacity, as it was last night. jenny is very set in her territory: she sleeps on her side of the bed, she sits on her side of the couch. seriously, she's very defensive of her spot. which i don't mind, & yesterday i was sitting in "her spot," & i would have swapped, but she was all, "get out!" & i was all "say please!" which went back & forth for a while. until she just laid on top of me & we took a nap. like i said: adorable. then when i got up to go get a drink or whatever, she was all "baby, can i please take your spot?" & it was win-win for the team. how about that, care bears? you fucking punks! think you're cute but you ain't. i'm cute. i'm a sharkmaw of it. anyhow, then we watched how i met your mother, which is really pretty good though this episode was only so-so, i love new york, which is so fucking fantastic & she's so great &c. & oh, heroes, which is such a mediocre let down. it is pretty bad, actually; not just ho-hum but kind of sucky. i mean, didn't every one of these stories happen already? claire & her father...can't trust one another! pretending to know doctor suresh for trick people! peter...doesn't understand what is happening to him! a fucking idiot with meaningless fifty-cent gibberish! hiro...dosen't know if he can be a hero! THESE ARE THE SAME STORIES YOU USED LAST SEASON. i am fucking bored of it, i am fucking sick of it, i am fucking dissapointed in it. oh, & the cliff hanger? AGAIN, YOU USED THIS SAME PLOT LAST SEASON. i do like the sound effects when sylar looks at a guy, though.

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