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scarlet traces: the great game.

scarlet traces: the great game by ian edginton and d'israeli.

the sequel to the first scarlet traces, the premise is the same, but advanced: rather than being the steam-punk society of war of the worlds survivors, this is the pulp sci-fi inheritors of that same legacy. there is a bit of a tip of the hat to c.s. lewis' silent planet series (i quite like the first one) in the map, which tickled me, & i guess john carter of mars? i for one would have very much liked to see the...whatever the big brain lunar aliens are called, but that was scrapped in favor of a scrappy reporter story. it was alright, but really the big problem is that...nothing happens! at least, nothing that the main character can effect, or even fail to effect. on the plus side, haile selassie is in it. or well, he's on the news in it, but i'll take it! anyhow: i liked the stylization of the first scarlet traces, though there are definately some subtle touches here to appreciate, but i wonder if the cgi made things a bit too easy? like- there was a guy in an octopus harness in the background...why wasn't he in the foreground! why! the best visual part was the blue-bulb space suit heads. i would have liked more of that. oh, & lunar rail guns! i've always been a big advocate.
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