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iggwilv, feminist archmage.

i've got to give it up to wizards of the coast for totally silently & internally getting their nondiscrimination on. i've been reading expedition to the ruins of castle greyhawk lately, & something i've noticed a few other times has come into focus-- they've started just flat-out calling iggwilv an archmage. now, a little background: igglwilv was traditionally known as the "witch-queen" & she's mostly famous for having a famous boyfriend. no, no, it isn't really that bad. she's a demonologist who summoned graz'zt, a mighty demon prince, & enslaved him to do her bidding. oh, & she got it on with him & had an evil demigod, iuz, for a son. oh, okay, seducing, enslavement, evil motherhood. not particularly un-stereotypical, huh? but whatever: i'll defend faerietale conceit a pretty far distance. she's a witchy archetype, & that is no more insulting than the crazy old man archetype that zagig is. but you know, calling her an archmage is just just desserts. she's the author of one of the most recognizable borgesian references, the demonomicon of iggwilv, & she repeatedly punked a demon prince. what about that! she deserves to be recognized in the big leagues with mordenkainen, raistlin, &...i guess stupid old elminster. so yeah; it ain't a mighty yawp, but it is the small things that i think are the most indicative of real change. you know, & the drop off in chain mail bikinis. not that they're gone by any stretch, but...sometimes girls have other options! now, if only there were some fucking black people, right? or well, more than the light peppering. & oh, hey, did you know that iggwilv is the "tasha" of tasha's hideous laughter? think about that next time you're giving an ogre the laugh! did i mention i have a crush on her? i might as well, i have a crush on everyone today.
Tags: dnd, ideology

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