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also, the sandwich cart near the store got a different...cart? well, it definately got a different cart, but it also got a different boss, too, maybe, who puts onions in with the lamb. onions! but i still get the lamb! & i ignore the onions. i just eat right through them! i used to be a super picky eater. i still am not what you'd call all embracing. you know, of course, that the root is probably my dislike for the entire requirement. eating. gross. anyhow! i'll just eat those onions sometimes, & you can't stop me. i also ate like, a pound of broccoli at david's the other night. a pound of it. a big help in broccoli was not being forced to eat the stems. fuck growing up! fuck being a kid, it sucked. you might have to eat lima beans. what the fuck? i have never even seen lima beans in like, ten (10) years.
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