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round-up of events.

well, there has been some dust-up stuff going on, but lets put that aside (carefully, like a lich puts his phylactery aside) & i'll try to just jot up a synopsis of goings-on. i'm the village pump now, assholes! wednesday was television, & the first with danielle in a long while. we'll see about repeats of that; it might have been the white whale, a rare occurrence never to be repeated except on pain of death. or maybe now. like i said, phylactery, or maybe a vampire coffin. what other things might have happened? it is possible they did! things. but if they did, i don't remember them; i run heavy edit on my brain, everything swarming into some kind of vague puddle of motives & dreamy recollection. saturday i went over to david's for a surprise crash-biff-pow. a quickdraw! in attendance beside my host & myself: dante, first. while it was just us three, we played some halo on david's console, then james & peter & alicia & maggie filtered in, & that was replaced by whiskey & dark city. then some of the first episode of gilmore girls, to curl your toes & put hair on your chest. then i snuck out the back! on my escape i bumped into christopher & he kept me company while i waited for the bus, & i pulled home soon thereafter. sunday! the Game. there were not as many folks present at first, which i thought made for a much smoother playing experience...with, what, six players, the table can get crowded. on the plus side, i am having an enjoyable time playing my character. watching mike dungeon master can sometimes be a strange phenomenon, as i have the eye of a dm, too. for instance, we had a whole to-do with a were-rat in the game, & i recognized some of the frustrations i had as a dm & that my players had with me as a dm. the high ac guy, you know? players hate that guy. & the guy meant to escape? players hate him to, but you expect that. you don't expect them to be so resourceful & to get hung up on it. we spent how many hours on that fucking guy? he'd all shift into a rat, try to scurry & hide, we'd look for him, he'd get cornered, tumble out, lather, rinse, repeat, he'd shift into a rat...& you know, i've been there. so yeah, i got to be part of that! also, just for the official record, mike & kelly's house is fucking murder on my allergies. i'm congested in the lungs for the next day after every time. i theorize that it is a cross between the size of it (big! basement!) & that the dust is mostly human & cat dander. i mean, mike's place isn't dirty by any stretch of the imagination, but i think that there is just enough space for dustmites to thrive & accumulate. all theories, of course. i might just have secretly developed cat allergies or something. stupid histamines! work better!

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