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annihilation two & three.

annihilation books two & three by keith giffen, javier grillo-marxuach, simon furman, renato arlem, christos gage, stuart moore, & andrea divito.

there is an awful lot of comic here, & most of it is good...& the stuff that isn't is just a bridge between the good, so hey! my hats in the ring. okay, the best recomendation i can give these two volumes is this: it is filled with kirby dots. kirby lines. kirby creations. kirbyesque primordeal space gods. woah, right? that ain't too shabby by half. plus, annihilus has little glowy antennae! does he normally have those? i'm swoony about them. oh, & you know what else happens, he said with childish glee, clapping his hands together? the silver surfer surfs & it isn't lame. it is, in fact, scientifically sweet. these trades have the super-skrull stories; you know i'm a super-skrull fan. i have to admit though, i don't actually care about the character so much as a care about a shapeshifting alien with the fantastic four's powers....& hypnosis. what the fuck, man! great. i don't care so much about ronan, but eventually i came around, which means that the story was probably pretty good; i certainly felt that his arc concluded in a fulfilling fashion. & you know, there were not a couple of times when i was surprised by the bold events, stuff that they didn't back up from. it isn't just a "then reset to stasis" story, & it isn't a "we make sweeping changes for no reason" but rather a story, with its ups & downs; little victories & big losses. in which silver surfer surfs. totally. sweet.
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