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annihilation: book one by keith giffen, dan abnett, andy lanning, & mitch breitweiser.

for a second there i was going to say "these are okay, but i don't get what mike is raving about" but it really started to pick up towards the end. at this point, pretty much all of the "space superhero" cliches have gone back & forth between marvel & dc to the point where you might as well just squint & call the nova corps the green lanterns, & well, that brings up the inevitable comparison to the currently ongoing sinestro corps war, right? so lets do that, shall we? okay, in the sinestro corps corner: dc is doing a much better job of sweeping, universal danger. annihilation goes with the easy "oh no, everything is destroyed!" tactic, while over in the dcu the green lanterns are managing to hold their own, while at the same time expressing the sense of urgency. what annihilation has going for it so far, though, is character portraits. i mean, who the fuck gives the slightest shit about drax the destroyer, nova, & quasar? well, it gets you to do so, so i'm counting that as a pretty big success. plus, annihilus is just so off the wall bonkers; sinestro corps compares, easy, but they have a ton of guys to fall back on: sinestro, superboy-prime, cyborg superman, & the fucking anti-monitor. so okay, both are redeeming some cheesy characters, both of big league big bads. the nova corps are less interesting than the green lantern corps, but that also means that go-for-broke writing, like killing all of them off & downloading their power to one guy? works better than it did for ion, since there is less to lose. comparison time is over, now. i like it; i'm glad the first one of these showed up so i can read the rest of them. i expect to sit back & enjoy the space opera oh, & it had me laugh out loud twice. always something to keep in mind.
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