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fury & gear school.

fury by garth ennis & darick robertson.

so. fucking. boring. hey, can you tread any more water garth ennis? why heck, i bet you can! why bother making new characters when you can through arseface in a uniform & call him fuckface? i guess that "max" on the cover really let you "get loose!" you hack! whatever. same old dumb shit ennis throws out when he isn't thinking. he's a universal bastard! that makes whatever he does okay! oh, yeah, & plus the obligatory lame sidekick schtick. like i didn't hate veitch enough; this is your legacy! i blame him. why not! i'll blame whoever i want to. yeah, this thing? don't bother with it.

gear school by adam gallardo & nuria peris.

cute girls with giant fighting robots? i dunno, sounds kinda dicey....okay! i'm in! anyhow, this first issue is, frankly, too brief. you could have gotten me! but it wasn't much more than a first issue. & we only saw one type of fighting robot, the airplane type. MORE FIGHTING ROBOTS PLEASE. other than that, i don't know? i'm jaded to the whole "school for X" formula by now. i'm even proof against the "these two characters have a plausible relationship!" thing as a selling point. i mean, it is good that you have "characters." but i've grown to expect that. the tone is similar to a lot of its peers, without anything to distinguish it from them. maybe more fighting space? that is always a nice spice for the soup!
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