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wednesday's wines.

big moose red, california, 2002.
i learned a trick drinking this wine: a way to like, slurp a sip & aerate it.
j: grapey, no smell. d: punchy. m: boy scout canteen.

richard bourgeois sauvignon blanc, sancerre, 2006.
j: nice. m: cave rice. g: unsuspecting. d: sweet frost.

hugel gentil, alsace, 2005.
m: charcoal dino. j: perfect colour. tape. g: grape glue. d: grape sterno.

land of fire, argentina, 2006.
m heard g say: "wtf epcot. vampire. jejune."
m: future disney world. j: watered down. g: lick the air. d: water in peaches.

chateau la gatte, bordeaux blanc, 2005.
g: cold. m: tetrodotoxin. j: icey.
Tags: wine
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