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so everytime i go into the bank, i just run game in my head about bustin' up the place. not even robbing it; just smashing it up, smashing it apart. like, gimmie a sledge hammer & that bullet proof glass! or just how sweet it would be to climb it & try to break it. the same thing happens whenever i'm anywhere, but that clear lexan is just screaming temptation at me. i always curl my fingers around it through the coin-slot & think about just tearing & rending. also what happened to me today was that i went into the bakery & they had sawdust on the floor! super classy. i was charmed & crooned a little croon. oh, & i figured out that when i order brown rice, the reason it takes them the specific length of time that it does? like, not quick & not too long? is because the microwave is involved. i discovered that with my sleuthing. this is what i've been up to in the neighborhood today. i brought my own coffee from home, though! keeping tabs on that! i'm keeping tabs on everything, because i am a special astronaut: a memetic one! a self-reinforcing meme! it is a trick i picked up in tunguska. a little knack i've got. like some people can shuffle cards fancy.
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