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the pilgrim's progress.

okay, here is the thing i'm mulling over: the earth is fucking freezing, right? i mean, the actual lowest temperature, the actual lowest temperature is minus 273.15, right? it doesn't get slower. that means every molocule has stopped moving. what is the highest? i dunno, omnipresence? or all of the atoms moving at the speed of light, or something? is that a valid answer? & earth ranges from what, -89 to to 58 degrees, right? FUCK THAT IS COLD! although, you know, looking at the numbers, it isn't that hot on the surface of the sun! what, like 5526 degrees? that is fucking not that much! i thought it was going to be berserk high. okay, the highest possible, theoretically, is 1.41679 x 10^32 kelvins. which is 141,679,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,273 degrees. okay, that is pretty hot, but outside of the big bang or the death of a black hole, you ain't gonna get that. anyhow, i just wonder if, statistically, solids are an aberration. isn't most stuff a gas these days? all stars, or stars exploding into nebula, or whatever? whatever. in 10^500,000 years it'll all be iron & dark. remember that lesson, jedi younglings!

here is another thing: work makes me a patronizing dick. there just isn't any other appropriate social evolution, & it is sort of annoying. i try not to reflexively be patronizing, but there are just so many customers who can only be dealt with by approaching them like children. i don't mean to sound insulting to you, guy, but you just came in here with zero (0) information besides the colour of the book's cover. i don't have any other social paradigm to come at you with other than being a patronizing dick asking if your mommy pinned your home address to your snowsuit, okay? you are forcing me into this! so sometimes i sneer at someone without meaning to-- like, i can't begrudge freshman for not knowing how to "properly" pronounce greek playwrights, you know? they're here to learn that! so: sorry, kid! but the guy who was in right before you pronounced "atonement" as...well, it wasn't right. it wasn't close to right. it wasn't a word. it was...bad.

i talk shit about gwedolyn f.m. kestral. i do! i know i do. as far as i can tell, she brings a gross worst-parts-of-forgotten-realms sensibility to the table that don't jive with this hombre. she & me don't see eye to eye! or again, from what i guess from books she's worked on. though she has worked on books i did like, like the underdark book. but like, isn't she totally to blame for the stupid "spawn of tiamat" concept? i got that impression somehow. but the thing i wanted to say is that races of the dragon was a total fucking stinker. spellscales & dragonborn are heartbreakingly bad; they're like, bad sitcom bad. totally gross. & the one bright chance to make kobolds a playable race? squandered! you could have slipped in some optional stats or something, guys! there was, however, one thing that i really did like. there is a statement on the kobold afterlife at one point, & i thought it was interesting & engaging. basically, if you die doing your duty to the clan, you are reincarnated as a kobold. if you die, not honorably or dishonorably, you are reincarnated as a dire weasel (which they ride, in this story). if you die a traitors death, you are reincarnated as the giant cockroaches the kobolds hunt for food & make armor out of. i thought that was a nice little cycle. so if that was you, that, but more.

Poll #1077443 bad things happen to everybody.


getting hit by a bus.
being shot by a gun.
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