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usagi yojimbo: circles by stan sakai.

okay, well, i've hit a stopping block with these guys: we're out of the rest of the issues. the series goes up to, what, like 21 now? something huge. he's been writing it since the mid-eighties (87ish?) so there is plenty to chow down on. anyhow, i quite liked the beginning of this, & though the end wasn't a let down or anything, it wasn't to my preference. i sort of hate his "homecoming" stories, because i hate his childhood sweetheart. like- if you are going to do the honorable thing, shut up about it instead of burdening everyone with it! it isn't honorable to behave that way! anyhow, the "reveal" of that story isn't my favorite either, though usagi behaved commendably throughout. david said my instincts are to stifle all drama, but i told him i just prefer the competent, non-sucky protagonist. like: i want spider-man to shut up. just sit down & clean his fucking plate. come on spidey! you're smarter than all these fucktards, & a better fighter, & you should be at the head of the table. you ought to be taking captain america's place, not fucking off on some nickle-&-dime soap opera shit. talk about a letdown. usagi would have this situation handled or if not, then he'd at least be dealing with his own fucking shit. & he'd do it without violating bushido. learn a fucking lesson, pete!
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