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usagi yojimbo: the wanderer's road, the dragon bellow conspiracy, & book five by stan sakai.

i thought there were a few points in dragon bellow... that slipped a little bit towards a western attitude, but these continue to be really great. usagi is a sterling character, with the perfect mixture of external doubt & internal confidence-- he won't hesitate to do what needs to be done, but might question what that thing is. & you know i've got a thing for character's who stick to their ideology, which came up while we were watching heroes season two (2) sophomore slump. remember how by the end of battlestar galactica season three (3), apollo was the best of guys? somehow? yeah. anyhow, i mentioned my teenage mutant ninja turtles obsession- in particular, tmnt & other strangeness. reading usagi yojimbo just roots up those truffles again, making me wish palladium wasn't a huge, giant, unplayable trainwreck. anyhow, also, the bats are totally sweet, & the kite makers tale was super radical. at least, judging by the amount of notes i took on my bookmark regarding each.
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