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Girl-Wonder.orgi guess this discussion sort of spurred the realization that the feminist comic book community is the only community involved in any critical reading of the texts. i mean, say what you will one way or another on a point by point basis, but really, that is all there is; even readings on race, sexuality, whatever, all gets blended in. i find that absolutely fascinating. i'm not even quite sure how to articulate why. it is just fun to see the change slowly warping across the face of the industry, old guards trotting out meaningless straw men to defend themselves, whatever. even the grubby dummies who represent the worst in comic buyers are largely reactionary to the feminist critique. wait, though, i'm sort of falling away from my point, because i'm not saying the the feminist critique is the only critical reading, i'm saying that the feminist readership is providing all the critique. if i want a deeper reading of comics, the only place to turn in feminist comic blogs (ick, i still hate the word "blog"), which to be honest make up a fair share of my online reading, besides personal diaries. my point? no point, besides the realization. also, on the subject of "girl power?" SPICE GIRLS!

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