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bleak desolation!

here is the real druthers, so gather round the campfire & pull your pistols. i'm pretty okay! i don't have guts to spill because i'm less filled with holes than at many other points in my broken mordicai life. i work during the days. i need a new, not-dead-end job. it is comfortable here, however, & i like my workmates. i am working on changing that situation, however, & it will be done. ramses ass shit, i'm talking. so let it be written, &c. after that i go home, either on a bus to a train, or a train to walking. transfers of trains are normally avoided. listen, thrilling, right? so i got that going on, mass transit. when i get home, jenny & i either go to the gym, or read, or watch television. notice that little "jenny" hanging in there: hard to work up a good lather when you've got, lets call a spade a space, pre-wedded bliss going on. i've got a fiancée who is both hot & cool. running water! so i don't really need to over-extend myself in that regard: a built in best friend, who i get to see naked. okay? & we don't fight for no reason, & we both have decently tight reigns on our drinking, so we don't have that to get messed up over either. not a lot of drama on that regard. i could media review upon media review (like, we've decided to like how i met your mother, ask me & i'll tell you all about it) but that bores even me, somewhat. i've secretly started stockpiling christmas presents already; shopping for david & peter is easy, alicia is a little less easy, & i'm totally stumped for jenny (well, i have some ideas). wednesdays i read comics & watch television while drinking lots of wine. on saturdays, i tend to do hobby homework, writing things for any number of roleplaying games. i try to get some real life shit done then too; having the let's pretend to steady my keel. i'm still looney toons sometimes, but i keep those bottles up on the shelf, filled with writhing figures. suborn it & expound that mythology externally, rather than internally. so what do you want from me? i'm bored of guys who bleed just to say they've been cut; i'm iron-fucking-sides. i'm knives for hands. i've got the princess, i've got my alchemy. so you come to my tower, okay?

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