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tales from the infinite staircase by monte cook.

the plot of this thing is allll macguffin, some sort of "creativity is being destroyed!" kind of nonsense that the growing-up generation of gamers were all paranoid about in the nineties ('90s). i'm not hating on that, since i get where they are coming from, but at the same time, lets take it & put it aside. there are a couple of awfully memorable vignettes in these bad boy right here. the really notable ones are the githyanki city of talis'Nov, build on the giant floating bust of a dead god in the astral plane, & the muddy, survival of the fittest...with tentacles! demiplane malenost, or whatever it is called. the former has the ridiculous majesty of the planes, & the latter has the sci-fi fantasy elements present in like, jack vance & friends. all geting weird worm alien symbiots implanted in you & stuff. there were a couple of other bits i liked (staff of bats!) & the rest of it isn't too shabby, either. another adventure book that doubles as a source book-- i don't mind that, no sir. oh, & how cool are lilends? use them more in your games!
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